I love full moons. Like, LOVE them. I have a Selah moment every time I see one.  But let’s be clear, I’m no Moonie.   I don’t worship creation, only the Creator. However, when I allow myself to be present and aware of creation, I feel led into worship of my Lord.  Such is the case when I gaze upon God’s nightlight, the full moon.

For me, the full moon is a shadow of how our Father loves each of us into wholeness. It’s a reminder of His faithfulness, His ability to make all things new, His new mercies every day.  It’s a second chance, a fresh start, a do-over.  My reset button.

Who wishes they had a reset button?

For me, the night globe represents God’s promise that He would never leave me nor forsake me; that in my darkest hour He can still see me and He is not asleep on the job.

In the third grade, we learned that the moon itself is not light.  The light that we see is actually the sun reflecting on the moon.  The moon in all of its fullness is only visible to us when it is perfectly positioned face-to-face with the sun.  When we make the quality decision to accept Jesus as our Savior, to revolve our lives around Him, to seek His face in all things, we increasingly reflect His light. Then, having been processed- turned- rotated, like the moon, we find ourselves perfectly positioned in the presence of the Son.  Having no light ourselves, we reflect His luminous-ness for the world to see. Casting out the darkness wherever we go, we become Jesus’ nightlight for the weak, fearful, and the lost.

Feeling like a Moonie yet?  Get into His presence.  Let Him turn your light on.

YOUR TURN!   What makes you think of God when you see it?  Share with us in the comment section below.

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