I asked God to give me home. Not just any home, but a BIG home- a home that only my faith, not my salary, could float.  I prayed a BIG prayer to my BIG God and actively exercised my BIG faith by sowing a BIG seed.  I got specific with God, giving Him the name of a neighborhood and instructions to work it out.  Adding to my faith, a developer was building a home that seemed custom designed to my taste in the same neighborhood!

I kept my BIG prayer to myself.  I didn’t want the logic of others to dissuade me or chip at my BIG faith.  But, I let my kids in on my secret petition. I drove them by the property still under construction and we got excited together. I confess, I thought I had gone too far when I roped the kids into my dream, but I dismissed the thought as logic trying to override faith.   A few weeks later, I went to the developer’s website to take a peek at my dream and learned that the home, my home, my dream had been sold.


But I’ve got big faith.  Yes, it feels like the wind has been knocked out of me, but I know that God has the last word, right?  Spiritually, I’m feeling unsettled and disoriented.  My prayers are tentative and laced with anguish. Not wanting to speak contrary to the faith I had been exercising I tap dance around God, stepping all over my feet. Meanwhile, Ron Anthony, none the wiser, is telling everyone that God is building us a home.  He told the folks at the Do Jang, his friend’s parents, and a few family members. When my mom suggested that they pray for God to lead mommy to the right home, Ron Anthony told her that wasn’t necessary, that God had already picked out a home for us and we are just waiting for Him to finish building it. Wow!  Can I get some of that?

I am both touched and terrified at Ron Anthony’s unwavering faith in me.  He trusts me implicitly.  He trusts the God in me. Ron Anthony has yet to ask me a question of doubt concerning the house.  But rather, he asks questions like:  Can I have a bunk bed in the new house?  Will I be able to ride my bike to school when we move into the new house?    And now, I fear I have set us up for a huge disappointment.  Choking on my tears, I cry out to Jesus. “He believes in me!  He believes in YOU!  We can’t destroy his faith.  Help me, Jesus. Tell me what to say, what to do…”

God’s reply brought me to a standstill.  He told me to say nothing.  Huh?  He said that Ron Anthony’s big faith and boldness to speak what he cannot see is supplementing my faith.  It will be his sharing and declaring that will move us.

What do you say to that?  My nine-year-old son just out-faithed me.

Jokes aside, I find the word ‘supplement’ in relation to my faith disconcerting.  Merriam-Webster defines SUPPLEMENT as something that is added to something else to make it complete.  The word says that we each have been given a measure of faith.  The implication is that having a measure of faith is sufficient in this walk, and yet my faith was somehow… incomplete.

When I reflect on the last year of praying my BIG prayer to my BIG God, I am reminded that I kept my BIG prayer to myself in fear of the BIG naysayers, possibly undercutting my BIG faith.  I am further reminded that there is power in agreement.  The word says when two or more are gathered there too He is (Matthew 18:12).  Further, the word says that a three-fold cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12).  Maybe “supplement” is not about “completing” but “strengthening”.  Maybe Ron Anthony is one of the three cords.  Maybe his faith is “strengthening” my faith.  Maybe…

RonAnthony CollageThis story is still being written.  God has confirmed His promise to provide a place of stability and security for my family, and I believe Him.   I have not shared anything contrary to that with Ron Anthony and his faith is strong as ever.  It propels me.  It supplements me.

This is what I know.  God is building us a home.  We’re just waiting for Him to finish.  When we do move in, Ron Anthony is getting a bunk bed– and a puppy– and anything else his big faith can handle!

xo, Rhonda

YOUR TURN!  Are you believing your BIG God for something BIG?  Share with us in the comment section below.



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