I don’t watch much television.  I couldn’t tell you what’s happening on Scandal.  I don’t know the cast of Empire, and I was shocked to hear that Grey’s Anatomy was still on the air.  I’ve tried to watch the new series, How to Get Away with Murder, but invariably the television is watching me…sleep.

But a recent trip to Los Angeles for/with my children presented an attractive, almost irresistible opportunity for them. As I contemplate a life on the west coast and their life in the entertainment industry, I thought it necessary to research the players and the programs. Makes sense, right?

My scholarly research required that I visit select child actor’s social media pages and watch hours of kid programming.

To my surprise, it wasn’t the mind-numbing experience I thought it would be. In fact, I found the variety of programing to be compelling—word used loosely.  It’s not that the storylines were so interesting or the talent so talented. Rather, I felt like one who sneaks into a theater to watch a second movie, having only paid for one. And each scene was a coded message, the secret map giving turn-by-turn directions as to where our society is headed.

Television, film and music have always been used to educate, inform and influence. The cartoons and tween shows are of no exception.  I concluded two things from my “research”, but only one will I discuss today: Yes, I’m holding out on you!

The enemy is stealthily courting our children.

Now, please don’t lump me in that fanatical group that believes all of Prince’s songs played backwards are messages from Satan. No, that’s not me. In fact, if that’s you- stop it. Stop being one of those weird Christians! Choose your music by the lyrics played forward.

I digress.

No, I’m not that girl. But I do recognize when an agenda is being pushed on me…most times, anyway. I hope… Remember the show Murphy Brown? Remember the episode on single parenting that drew commentary from the then-VP of the United States? And then the show came back with a rebuttal disguised as entertainment. Remember? The Murphy Brown show had an agenda, a message, a point they wanted to make and they used their platform to do it. Well, it’s happening in the kid programming, too.

The programming presented is attempting to soften the hearts, even generate compassion for things not of God; things like same-sex parenting, effeminate boys, and the struggle experienced by those who identify as transgender. From a business perspective, I get it. People want to see themselves represented in the media. We want our existence validated in the things, places, and activities that we patron. And the networks are delivering.

But from a Kingdom perspective, I see such shows as a virtual Pied Piper. Leading our children away unwittingly.

I want my children to have compassion for, let’s say, transgendered kids. Why? Because I believe that these babies truly believe God made a mistake when they were born.  Not to mention… they are just kids. Satan is a liar.  He lied and deceived those kids and he will lie and try to deceive your kids. So, our compassion must be properly expressed; confidently couched in the understanding that God does not make mistakes.  But He can fix ours.   The compassion we impart does not mean alliance. It does not mean agreement.  My compassion simply means, “I see you, Child of God.”

The enemy of our soul has always sought to destroy us through our seed, our children. In Exodus, the Pharaoh ordered the killing of all the infant boys. Moses, however, was saved. Decades later, Moses goes to Pharaoh with his “Let my people go” speech. After the locusts hit Egypt, Pharaoh is ready to negotiate. Pharaoh says that the adult men with no families may go, but the children must stay.

The enemy wants your children.

Moses says, “No deal”. Centuries later, King Herod ordered the killing of all infant boys after he learned that the King of Israel, our Redeemer was born.

The Order has yet to be rescinded. But as a parent, I can say, “No deal. You can’t have my children”. We’ve heard it before, but it bears reminding. We have to be vigilant about not letting the world educate our children. We have to teach our children to view the world through God’s lens, to filter the messages with His Word if we are to offset it’s influence.

Tell Pharaoh- he can’t have your seed.


How do you maintain the position of being in this world but not of it?


Exodus 10: 8-10 AMP.  So Moses and Aaron were brought again to Pharaoh; and he said to them, Go, serve the Lord your God; but just who are to go? And Moses said, We will go with our young and our old, with our sons and our daughters, with our flocks and our herds [all of us and all we have], for we must hold a feast to the Lord. Pharaoh said to them, Let the Lord be with you, if I ever let you go with your little ones! See, you have some evil purpose in mind.

3 thoughts on “HE’S AFTER YOUR SEED

  1. I have moved to yet another stage of spiritual development…another place of transition…I am recognizing more and more that we are to live as beings who are indeed not of this world, but beings who happen to live in this world – on the other side of heaven! It is becoming more and more of a necessity to recognize this truth!

    We live in a natural world, but supernatural things are unfolding all around us. How prepared are we to readily recognize the small supernatural revelations that are revealed to us in our everyday, filled to capacity lives? Have we been too busy, too much on over-load to see, to hear? I think so. I find myself guilty of this charge and I have been quite bewildered by it. I think I know where I went wrong. Filling my life to the full, with the work experience, has been all consuming. Frankly, it can be depleting without the balance of spiritual disciplines in our lives.

    So, what has God been saying to me? What is He saying now? I hear Him saying, “Prepare yourself. Re-position yourself through intercessory prayer, and in the Consuming of His Word, Spend Time in devotion and worship, and yes, commit to intermittent times of Fasting!”

    The rewards in the practice of these spiritual disciplines cannot be measured, but are bound to be found in the category identified as “priceless!”


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