My daughter, Reese is a gymnast. A pretty good one, too.  I remember when she first learned how to do a back handspring.  It was a Hallmark moment. I celebrated with her because she had finally got it.

I also remember when she lost it.

Reese fell on her head trying to execute the skill during her Floor Exercise at a meet…in front of hundreds of people.  For several months afterwards, she was unable to do a clean back handspring.

Her confidence was rattled.  She was tentative and looked unsure of herself as she performed.  The coach told me that Reese was physically strong, if not stronger than she was at the time of the incident.  She concluded that Reese’s inability to perform this essential skill (in gymnastics) was all in her head.

I don’t know what clicked inside of Reese, but one day the back handspring was back and with power.  Since that time, she has learned many new gymnastic skills that are greater in complexity.  Like, the back handspring on the beam!

When Reese looks back and compares her present skill level and potential, it’s hard to imagine that she was ever locked up in her head over a back handspring.  Such a easy, small, entry-level skill in the “world of gymnastics”.  Measly… (Ha! For her, not me.)

Life will drop you on your head.

Bad Medical Report.  Law Suits.  Car Accident.  Death of a Spouse.  Death of a Marriage.  Unemployment.  Learning Disability Diagnosis of a Child.  Lied on.  Lied to.  Unplanned pregnancy.  College dream deferred.  Business tanks.

This list is endless.  And it seems like the whole world is watching to see how you will recover.  If you will recover.

My high school boyfriend “found a new girlfriend” when he left for college.  I cried for months!  Like Reese, I felt like I had been dropped on my head. Devastated and embarrassed, I dreaded running into former classmates. I didn’t want to explain or have anyone ask me what happened.  Truth – no one cared.  But tell that to the 17-year-old Rhonda.  Many, many years later, we connected via FB. Nothing special – I accepted his “friend request”.   As I flipped through the FB pages of his life, I couldn’t help but think, “I cried over you.”

Have you ever had that experience?  That moment when you realized that thing, that incident, or that someone was not worth your tears or your fears?  Well, the Word says you will have that moment one day.

People will stare and muse: “Can this be the one who terrorized earth and its kingdoms,  turned earth to a moonscape, wasted its cities, shut up his prisoners to a living death?” Isaiah 14:16-17 (MSG, emphasis added)

Imagine that.  One day, we will stare and muse at the enemy of our soul, the one who created havoc in our lives.  We will contemplate his smallness.  One day, we will stare and wonder how we were ever threatened by his darkness. One day, you will say, “You?  Measly you?  I let you steal my confidence and sense of self?  Measly you, terrorized my family, turned my home inside out, and wasted away my health and strength?  You were the one who imprisoned me to a living death?”

It’s going to be like a scene out of the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy discovers that the Wizard was a fake and had no real power.  But rather, you Dorothy, were the one with the real power the whole time.

Here’s some more good news.   You don’t have to wait for that “one day”.  That day can be today.  You are stronger than you think you are. The only power the devil has rest in the lies you choose to believe. Get him out of your head.

I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace. In the world you have tribulation and distress and suffering, but be courageous [be confident, be undaunted, be filled with joy]; I have overcome the world.”[My conquest is accomplished, My victory abiding.] John 16:33 (AMP)

Your disappointment is real.  Your pain is real.  Your loneliness is real.  It hurts when we land on our head for all the world to see. It hurts when people leave, whether by death or the front door.  I’m not minimizing that.  I just want to nudge you in the direction of where your hope and wholeness can be found… in the arms of Christ.

Be confident.  Be undaunted.  Be filled with joy.  He. Has. Overcome. The. World.

Reesie-cup doing back handspring on the beam!

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Second, let me know in the comment section about one of your “you?” moments.


3 thoughts on “MEASLY “YOU”

  1. Rhonda, I look forward to the day that all of us, along with Christ, will be able to stand together and actually shout for victory over the kingdom of darkness losing its battle in the earth. For the Scriptures do declare that in the end, we do win!

    As I reflect upon what I might do differently for the here and now, I thoroughly recognize that, as Dorothy declared, “we are no longer in Kansas!” No, we have not lived in Kansas for a very long time now. The battles that we are faced with, as a nation, and as a people of God, at times appear to be insurmountable in the face of great opposition, and yes, oppression to the mind.

    So, what can I do besides “click my heels (in my red shoes) ” as Dorothy did, in making declarations of her desire to return to Kansas? It does begin in purposefully engaging in spiritual warfare in the mind, as in pulling down those vain imaginations, which are promoted by the lies of our common enemy. It is his career choice to bring devastation and defeat, not simply to the mind, but also to the soul, and ultimately, it is his plan to use weapons of destruction to crush our spirits. But, the enemy of our souls does not, and cannot win, when we use the Word of the Lord, as our “tool of engagement” and/or as weapons of warfare!

    Our joy, peace, and spiritual mental health is protected, as we use our spiritual feet, through the Word, not simply to click our heels, but to stomp upon the lies that so easily beset us! Our truth is found simply in the Word of God! It is incumbent upon us to search for and apply the Words of truth that will ultimately annihilate the attempts of the enemy to rob us of the inheritance that was promised to us when we were redeemed.

    Redemption includes our being bound to Christ, through covenant relationship! We have to remember, that it is in that covenant relationship that we will find our freedom, and the truth, as we live, move, and express our being!


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