“And she’s supposed to be a Christian.”

Those words were said about me recently.  It wasn’t meant to encourage me or challenge me to stand in my identity as a King’s Kid. They weren’t calling me to my higher self. They were calling me a hypocrite.  They tried to shame me into changing my position concerning them by causing me to question my position in Christ.

My response was to chuckle and dismiss the conversation.  But later, I got a little worked up because I’ve heard this said to and about other believers; and from people who have no concept of faith, no commitment to Christ, and no fruit of His Word in their own lives. It’s like, because I’ve declared my love and commitment to Jesus, I’ve somehow forfeited my right to have a strong opinion, to fight back, or the right to be— scared, uncertain, and agitated.

Yes, I’m a daughter of God, loved and secured in God. And yes, I have those days that seem bad. I have experiences that I don’t think are fair; moments of frustration that I pray don’t define my season.  And if you meet me on the road on one of those days, you might not like me.  If you  don’t have a testimony of your own and an understanding of what it means to go from glory to glory and faith to faith (2 Corinthians 3:18, Romans 1:17), you might think I’m flaky in my walk, versus in route to a *new* level.

Faith is scary. It’s the act of believing what you can’t see.  Spiritually blindfolded, holding His hand, you feel the chill of the wind on your face.  The sway of the structure holding you suggest that He’s taking you to uncomfortably higher heights.  Faith is feeling exposed and, at times, vulnerable while choosing to believe and trust in the One who says, “I’ve got you!”  That’s why God charges us to be courageous– because the Christian walk can be scary. That’s why He keeps reminding me that He’ll never leave me, because things in life tend to jump out from nowhere and throw off your balance…at high heights. That’s why He commands us to remember; remember how He kept you and led you to safety before. He entreats us to remember because the present moment will paralyze you if you don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, yes, this faith thing is scary at times. But accepting Jesus is by far the best decision I will ever make in my life. I can say with unwavering certainty that this has been the most exhilarating thrill ride to date.  With its fast, sharp turns, loops and dips– it has been abso-freakin-lutely exhilarating.  Metaphorically, I’ve lost sunglasses, hats and cellphones on this ride, but when my feet get on the ground, heart pounding out of my chest, I say, “Wow, wasn’t that amazing?  Wasn’t He amazing?

What’s a real Christian, anyway? 

As I contemplated the question with the New Testament Apostles in mind, I said to Holy Spirit, “Hmph, I  haven’t healed anyone.”  He said, “Not so. You’ve helped the spiritually blind to see again”.  I say, “Well, it’s not like I’ve raised the dead.”  He replied, “Wrong. You’ve lifted many who were dead in spirit.”  Still in my feelings, I rebut, “I haven’t always loved like Christ when the opportunity presented.”  And then I had a flashback of those moments of mercy, compassion and even restraint that were uncharacteristic of the “Old Rhonda”. Half-joking, I say, “Well, Holy Spirit, You need to tell them to leave me alone because I also remember that folks dropped dead—on the spot—for lying in the presence of the Holy Spirit.”  (Acts 5:1-11) We both laugh.  Afterwards He says, “They have dropped dead.   Every single lie spoken over you, about you and to you has fallen dead in the ground.  No weapon formed against you will succeed.  I promised it.”  And again, I’m utterly undone by the magnitude of His love for me.

Here’s something else you may not have realized about us so-called Christians.  A relationship with God will demand that we tell you the truth, in love, but the truth nonetheless. A surrendered life in Christ means I have to make difficult decisions that you may not understand, or that I even understand. Like being nice to hateful people. Or conceding a matter to an enemy because He told me to; no reason given- just do it.  My insides burn, but because He’s Lord of my life, I do it.  Sometimes I try to remedy a problem in my own strength. But again, because I’m all in; because He has both my heart and my ear, I submit to course correction when required. And believe me, it doesn’t always feel good or look pretty. So, if you meet me on the road on one of those days, and it’s clear that I’m feeling the frailty of my humanity and not the power of His spirit, just say “glory to glory, faith to faith”…and keep moving.


A Real Christian




3 thoughts on “A REAL CHRISTIAN

  1. Well, it seems we have both been derailed by a person, who seems to enjoy bashing the characters of Christians this past week. Yes, it is still a very hard pill to swallow – in spite of our understanding that the accuser of the Bretheren has no real understanding of what it means to live a forgiven life, not a perfect life!

    I too fell into a place of remorse and guilt because I wanted to strike back…out of my flesh…that still, from time to time, needs crucifying. But then I was reminded of how to overcome the affects of the fiery darts by some of the very points that you have made in your message this week Rhonda!

    My 95 year old friend, and sister in Christ, Miss Izora, who shares not only the faith with me, but a kindred spirit as well, stated that we are to daily live standing on the Philippians 4:6-8 Scripture, which admonishes us to “Not worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs and don’t forget to thank Him for His answers. If you do this, you will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet, and at rest, as you trust in Christ Jesus. Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right!” Then let go of all the concerns regarding the message that the accuser tries to bring to derail us!

    Finally, Bretheren… and Sisters, Miss Izora said, “Joyce, just remind yourself of how He has kept you…and led you to safety before…and has answered your many prayers…Do as King David did, encourage yourself…in the faith…and in His promises to you!” I was able to move to a place of peace…and rest…in the understanding that it is simply what He declares about us that really matters!


    1. You know, after reading the first line of this blog, the thought now comes to me, when was it the last time I heard someone use those accusatory words towards me. It has been many years if my memory serves me right ( might not be the best reference-lol). However, though those exact words have not been said in my hearing there have been times that the words have been implied. Such as, “why don’t’ you go to the altar more often?” why aren’t you committed to tithing?” “are you going to miss church another Sunday?” “why haven’t you read your bible today?”. This list goes on an on…one interesting thing about the origin of these questions – they come from ME!!! These sounds are accusatory and there is only one who accuses me – the enemy of my soul. The voice sounds like mine but the questions condemns and causes me to feel guilty and not convicted. I am so happy to know that I know my Father’s voice. When He speaks I am not condemned (“therefore, there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus…Romans 8:1). There is an element of excitement to get it right. Not an excitement of the flesh, but of the spirit – to please my Father. My obedience to His voice brings me joy and my obedience brings Him joy (“the joy of the Lord, is my strength, Nehimiah 8:10). When the enemy accuses I operate out of feelings of guilt and an obligation to keep the law. Though, these questions may sound legitimate to many followers of Christ, if the sound accuses me or causes me to feel less committed to Christ and only when I perform those actions will I be more Christ-like then I know I am in the realm of works and not grace. Done!!!


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